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TriFit TS has received a 3A* rating from ODEP. TriFit TS’s optimised proximal-to-distal ration and proximal flare is designed to ensure immediate and effective stability for each patient. To find out more please visit: https://t.co/cduO6Anscc
#TriFitTS #ODEP #CorinConnected

INTRODUCING: the Conformis iViewer app!

Access the iViews for your upcoming cases and other Conformis content from the comfort of your clinic... or anywhere else!

Available in the App Store - click here to learn more https://t.co/lN9NTNpuCH

https://t.co/zxDAipaudA Stéphane C. est enchanté de sa prothèse de genou sur mesure. Trouver un chirurgien orthopédique en Suisse romande qui pourra vous parler des prothèses de genou Conformis: https://t.co/Q0AKHqPQRU #ThisIsMyKnee @conformis @sandozmedica

We are delighted to announce MiniHip™ has received a 7A* ODEP rating. MiniHip™ is designed to give patients all the advantages of a traditional total hip replacement with the added benefit of preserving the natural anatomy. https://t.co/mpe51jyquQ
#MiniHip #CorinConnected

Higuera Rueda et al., paper suggests that if instability is a concern preoperatively or intraoperatively, using a dual mobility implant increases the dynamic dislocation distance. Read their paper here: https://t.co/Q0GDxtix3W #CorinConnected #Hip #Replacement #DualMobility

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