Tout le monde n’a pas besoin d’une prothèse totale



If you only have arthritic damage to one compartment of the knee, either the medial or lateral, a total knee replacement might not be your best option.

The iUni ® unicompartmental knee implant preserves the parts of the knee parts not damaged by arthritis. As patients become more demanding and more active, the interest in bone and tissue sparing partial knee replacement approaches has increased dramatically.

Partial knee replacement surgery also retains the option for the patient to eventually move to a total knee replacement in the future should that become necessary.

Provides a customized fit specific to your knee.

  • Femoral and tibial implants designed to follow the contour of each patient’s unique anatomy
  • Tibial tray designed for maximized cortical rim coverage and proper rotational alignment

Designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee

  • The shape of your knee plays an important role in how you bend and extend your knee
  • iUni is designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee, which gives your knee the potential to feel and move more naturally

Allows for a less traumatic procedure

  • iJig instrumentation customized for each patient using CT scan data
  • Reduced amount of bone preparation to simplify the procedure
  • Fewer bone cuts to preserve more of your natural knee for future treatment, if necessary

Improved operating room efficiencies

  • iUni is delivered in a single, pre-sterilized kit in advance of surgery, which means limited implant inventory for the hospital
  • Pre-sterilized, disposable instruments mean easy set up and tear down


iUni offers precise femoral and tibial fit for optimal coverage and the potential for a more natural feeling knee.