Customized Total Knee Replacements



Individually Customized Total Knee Replacement

DID YOU KNOW: 1 in 5 patients are not satisfied with the results of their total knee replacement surgery.

Two of the leading causes of dissatisfaction after surgery are residual pain and functional limitations. We think both of these issues can be addressed by a better implant design.

The iTotal CR and PS are designed to achieve unique advantages as compared to off-the-shelf knee implants.

When it comes to fit, close isn’t good enough:

  • If the implant extends over the bone by as few as 3mm, that can be a significant cause of pain after surgery. Unfortunately, that’s all too common. One study that involved 437 patients found that overhang ≥3mm affects 40% of men and 68% of women.
  • iTotal femoral and tibial implants are designed to provide a customized fit specific to your knee, helping reduce sizing compromises that can lead to long-term pain after surgery
  • The tibial tray is designed to proper rotation based on the pre-operative CT scan, limiting the potential for rotational errors.

Shape drives function

  • The shape of your knee plays an important role in how you bend and extend your knee
  • iTotal implants are designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee, which gives your knee the potential to feel and move more naturally.
  • The design, location, and size of the cam and spine in the iTotal PS is customized to respect each patient’s unique J-curves through the range of motion.

Designed for optimal bone preservation.

  • The average total of all bone resection measurements for iTotal CR was 27% less than the average total for surgeries done using an off-the-shelf implant.

Simplified surgical technique

  • Patient data enables a reproducible surgical technique using pre-navigated, disposable iJig instrumentation.
  • iView surgical planning images provide detailed resection values that can be used to verify accuracy throughout the surgery.

Improved operating room efficiencies

  • iTotal CR and PS are delivered in a single, pre-sterilized kit before surgery, which means limited implant inventory for the hospital
  • Pre-sterilized, disposable instruments and a single reusable instrument tray mean easy set up and tear down


The result is a knee replacement that reduces sizing compromises common to off-the-shelf knee replacements.